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22 December 2030 @ 04:36 pm

this lj is in english/russian

mcr, thor and art
10 February 2012 @ 11:18 pm

у меня девочка знакомая вконтакте тоже хочет на художника поступить, но ей родители говорят "вали на экономиста, потом делай че хочешь". и она меня спрашивает сегодня:

- а ваще как оно, с деньгами у художников? я не хочу жить хуже чем сейчас!
о боги, девочка, очнись, в жизни не так все сахарно о.0

28 January 2012 @ 09:13 pm
короче, джерард уэй как-то сказал, мол, прикиньте, как было бы круто, если бы мы не вырастали из любимой музыки
так вот
как бы я его не любила, это абсолютно идиотская мысль
19 January 2012 @ 10:26 pm
каждый раз, когда я открываю на сайте какого-нибудь университета вкладку fees и вижу пятизначное число, у меня в глазах аш мутнеет
что творят со мной какие-то цифры с монитора
16 January 2012 @ 03:05 pm
всем привет. жж? нет, не слышал уже как год хд
24 April 2011 @ 11:27 am
i don't usually post photos of myself, but OMG FINALLY I DON'T LOOK LIKE HERP DERP except for the first picture.
but i love it most of all because it's soooo me. yes.
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04 April 2011 @ 06:51 pm
So my mom comes home today and brings me a post package.
Aaaaand it was from basta_tragedy ! I was sooo freaking impatient that I opened it like in 10 seconds.
Comics written by my lovely Gerard Way. :3

малинаааа, спасибо тебе огроооомное за такой классный подарок!!! ♥♥♥ я когда открыла пакет, аш прифигела хд я амбреллу экедеми сама уже собиралась заказывать, и тут ты мне ее прислала) орала как сумасшедшая, когда увидела че в посылке лежит хд спасибо еще тысячу раз ♥
и пысы - с меня подарок на твое др в этом году хдд *хитрый фейс*

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08 March 2011 @ 08:46 pm
Hai there. :D
Ugh, third school term is being a total bitch, thanks god it ends soon. Okay, here we go:

- I've bought lovely skeleton gloves like Frank Iero's, you can check them out. Frankie approves.

- I rarely watch movies, but made an exception for Burlesque. Such a quality film! Honorable UNF goes to Cam Gigandet. The thing he did with cookies still blows my mind. 

- You remember that bitch I wrote few posts about? She's going to LA to Mars show. TO LA TO MARS SHOW. They're not that rich to offer this type of um, entertainment, so that's kinda weird. I wonder if she palmed off an enourmous amount of alcohol on her parents to make them agree. Anyway, as I'm a total asshole and she considers that I'm her friend  I'll give her money to buy me some fan merch. BAD GIRL, VERY VERY BAD GIRL.
- I made that Party Poison drawing and it got 690+ notes on Tumblr. I was like WHOA  I KILLED SO MANY PLANTS.
If you want to check it - go

- I decided to listen to Hot Fuss of The Killers and fuck, I loved it! I listened to 2-3 songs of them a while ago though. I'm a bit late, but Somebody Told Me is the best thing that happened with me last week lol.

- I've got a new laptop from my parents. It's a pre-pre-pre-bday present lol. It's beautiful, fast, shiny and all new. Sorry, I'm not the one who will talk about technical features lol.

- And as 8th of March is the international women day, I've received one more gift and it's a HUGE Lady Gaga poster on my wall. It's not even poster cause it's too big to be it - it covers half of my wall!
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11 February 2011 @ 09:44 pm
EYECANDY POST. Posting the ones I liked the most.
Made a picspam on tumblr but looks like no one shares my love for these photos.
It's Elle von Unwerth for Guess Campaign, fall 2010.
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10 February 2011 @ 07:13 pm
LONG TIME NO UPDATE! and yes, distracting Mikey is distracting. :D
~Hi, I'm alive and not enjoying my life much, but lol, i won't complain, don't you even ask me . :P

Um, there was one thing today that made me feel pretty much blah. And, for sure, I'm gonna dedicate a whole post to it.
Long time ago we had a teacher at our school, she was quite good at her subject and most of my classmates adored her. Okay, then she left for another town. Recently she has come back to visit us and I met her in the school hall. We both were like, oh my god, so nice to meet you! She was all smiley and all that stuff. Then she asked me what I am planning to become.
I still dunno, but I know in what direction I'd be working, so I answered "I guess it would be something connected with art. Still don't know though." and she glanced at me like I had just told her that I wanted to become a whore or stripper. It was like, NO APPROVEMENT FOR YOU, GIRL. I suppose she expected me to be willing to go into IT or law or economics, briefly - EVERYTHING except what I want lol.

The main conclusion of the day - all that shit that Jared repeats from interview to interview turns out to be true. I don't remember the quotes exactly, but the point is that you shouldn't give a fuck if someone thrusts his opinion on you and become whatever the hell you want. I guess it has been repeated like 1000 times and you all heard it, but lol, the dutch have taken holland.

That's it. Yay, Leto's quotes finally started to make sense for me.
/end of the post

p.s please, guise, advice me some catchy songs to listen to. PLEEEEASE.
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